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Market Assessments

Looking for a great market to start up or deciding on locations to expand an urgent care business? Let us point you in the right direction.

Urgent Care

Urgent care start-ups generally have a 50% chance of failure. Improve your odds by getting professional help in site selection and set up.

Urgent Care

Acquisitions are a constant in urgent care with both buyers and sellers requiring guidance with valuation, performance and folio preparation.

Urgent Care

Managing an urgent care center requires expertise. A deficit may lead you into having to turn the business around. We help with both.

DOT Certification – By The Numbers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) began requiring providers of DOT Medical Exams to become and maintain certification status in 2014. This requirement has significantly changed the way that this service is provided and will likely lead to even greater changes in the near term. This document is a compilation of the research done in the sector and provides insight into the changes to date, the impact on the sector and the likely changes for the future….
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Clients of Urgent Care Advistors

About Urgent Care Advisors

Urgent Care Advisors was founded by James A. “Tony” Barber in 2013.  Mr. Barber also founded Urgent Care America in 2008.  Urgent Care America provided both consulting and revenue cycle management services.  We decided to create two distinct businesses so that each would have its own space to grow and that is when Urgent Care Advisors was founded.

Since its creation in 2008, Mr. Barber has advised clients in hundreds of urgent care start-up operations and advises multiple private equity and other investment organizations in their decisions to invest in the space.

Why Choose Us

We are experienced in assisting clients to develop and manage their urgent care operations throughout the country and abroad.  We know and appreciate the needs in urban as well as non-urban markets.

We have analyzed and advised clients on setting up worksite clinics for employers and measurement of population health indices so as to set goals focused on improving health status through improved access.  When it comes to expertise, experience is the most important ingredient and you won’t find more that we have.

Urgent Care Advisors has created some of the most robust databases of knowledge on the urgent care business in the nation.  Having processed over 2 million urgent care patient claims, we are extremely knowledgeable in the areas of charging, payments, adjustments, CPT coding, ICD-9 coding and more.  We have made it a practice of accumulating and analyzing data in this field and comparing and contrasting it with comparable data from hospital emergency departments.  As part of those engagements, we have projected the impact of opening an urgent care center on hospital emergency departments, using case specific databases.

We are often called upon to analyze and project the impact of urgent care development given a defined population, including employer health initiatives and the impact of worksite clinics.

Our business is your business.  Your information is proprietary and confidential with us.  We aggregate data and create and define best practices from what we learn and share those results with our clients but never disclosing sources or details.

We also don’t compete by opening up urgent care sites in your markets.  Our expertise exists to share with clients so that they can be more successful.