“Creating A Corporate Plan And Strategy”


Tenet Healthcare is one of the nation’s leading for-profit healthcare systems with a strong presence in major metropolitan areas.  Tenet is recognized as being innovative and at the forefront of alternative delivery modeling having invested in diagnostic imaging, surgery centers and other models outside of the mainstream hospital units they own and operate.  When they decided to develop a network of urgent care centers as part of their new alternative delivery model they chose us to assist to them.

The Situation

Tenet clusters its presence in very competitive markets so that they can have a stronger influence as a network.  This distinguishes them from other propriety operators.  In so doing, they realized that urgent care centers were being opened around them by competitors and decided that they should develop a strategy to meet this pressure.  In so doing, we were engaged to: evaluate multiple markets in terms of competition, opportunity and risks.  We identified and prioritized the markets and created a framework for them to develop the needed infrastructure to develop this distinct product line with the objective being to turn the business over to them for their continued and on-going managment.

Their objective was to facilitate the opening of multiple sites within select markets so as to create a distinct brand and network supported by a distinct corporate team vested in the unit’s success.

The project was executed over a period of months with our assistance and turned  over to their newly recruited management who directs the effort today.