Telemedicine Deployment

aea9d35f81584fb4bc1fc7839da60efdTelemedical technologies are evolving quickly and are positioned to change the face of healthcare forever.  There are four (4) key values for telemedicine deployment:

  • Enhance Access to Medical Care:  Telemedicine is versatile and can facilitate a connection between needed medical resources and the most remote of populations.
  • Ability to scale existing resources to meet demand:  The demands on healthcare providers are increasing while access to high quality programs and providers is decreasing.  Telemedicine allows high value providers to connect with a broader population.
  • Reduced costs:  There is no way that the future of the healthcare delivery system can be sustained by an ever increasing supply of providers and resources.  We must deliver more with less and technology like telemedicine can facilitate that effort.
  • Enhanced population health monitoring and management: Fee for service medicine has providers and patients focused on services; not outcomes.  As fee for service models fade, payments will begin to use outcomes as the basis.  The best models always have performance as the basis for reimbursement.  To facilitate this, data is required and then it must be managed in a manner that assures that resources are focused where they need to be.
  • Increased ability to scale best practices:  There are great programs in the United States today; models for not just the United States but the world.  Those programs (cancer treatment, heart disease management and more) must be replicated to the greatest degree possible and then scaled to as many citizens of the United States as possible.

Telemedicine can and will play a major role in all of these efforts and it all hinges on proper deployment strategies and execution.

Urgent Care Advisors can assist employers and providers in making this happen.