Population Health Platform Design

Designing a platform for population health management requires insight into the employers needs by the providers.  Urgent Care Advisors understands the needs of employers having reviewed and analyzed the healthcare costs and productivity issues for many employers.

Population Health GraphicAs healthcare delivery changes, health systems will need to be in a position to connect the work that they do in acute care to overall population health trends so as to be in a position to adapt to a changing set of reimbursement standards.

Going forward, most experts agree that hospitals and health systems will be paid not only on the acute care that they provide to sick and injured patients but also based on the evolving health status of the population that they serve.  Some portion of all healthcare systems resources will need to be directed at establishing methods and systems to adapt to this shift and to prepare to be compensated on the outcome measurements that define this shift, as major contributors to thereto.

The platform development process requires a third party with experience in cultivating employer relationships sufficient to allow the provider health system access to information and to prepare a plan for each employer according to their needs.  Urgent Care Advisors has experience in setting up relationships with employers and helps bridge the gap between employers and providers, making it easier to facilitate a common inititiative.