Population Health Strategies

pophealthPopulation health management has become a popular reference in healthcare circles.  Over time we have come to realize that simply providing insurance coverage to groups or populations is insufficient to effectively manage costs and outcomes.  We all have an interest in wellness but have struggled with how to best achieve it.

Effective population health management strategies begin with the identification of population subsets that can, with appropriate resources, change their wellness status sufficient to lower healthcare costs for the entire population set.

The best examples of these subsets are those people with chronic conditions that can and do lead to more debilitating and costly outcomes, like: Diabetes/Pre-Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease (generally) and sleep apnea.  These conditions can and should be monitored and treated in order to avoid catastrophic acute exacerbations and to extend employee working life.   The goal of any population health management program is to lower healthcare costs and to improve productivity (reduced absenteeism and longer work life).

Urgent Care Advisors provides healthcare providers and employers alike with alternate delivery strategies that target the needs of the population and bridge the gaps between the employer, the employees and the providers.