consulting_slideProject Management – We have experience in managing projects and resources to draw upon to do so.  We hire the manager; support them with experience and resources; provide monthly reports; compare your business to others in the industry based upon our knowledge and experience.  This assures you that you are functioning in the most efficient manner possible and maximizing your resources and opportunity.

Market Assessment – Selecting a new location begins with a thorough evaluation of the demographics, the competition and the location options.  Opening a new site is not as easy as it is thought to be and it is likely one of the most important tasks to perform.  Our way of doing this is unique and proven.  Don’t waste resources by selecting the wrong site.

Acquisitions/Ownership Transition:  We are capable of evaluating projects being considered for acquisition and thus can and do represent buy-side operators in doing so.  We also assist those operators in assessing the value of their operation versus the market to assure that the value consideration is appropriate.

Advice/Counsel:  We assist clients through troubled waters.  Many find their way into challenging positions either in terms of staffing, revenue cycle management, setting fees, use of and deployment of technology and more.  We help sort through those complexities because we’ve been there and have the experience.

Start Up:  Over half of the new urgent care startups in the United States fail.  Just because it is a growing area of healthcare there is no guarantee of success.  Competition is stiff and the obstacles are plenty.  You need a strong advisor at your side if you are to navigate your way to success and Advisors is there for you.

Strategic Planning:  We have prepared many strategic plans and are experienced in working with clients to facilitate them.  It is vital to have a roadmap and to follow it in order to get where you want to go.

Establishing Employer-Based Health Services: An expanding area of alternative delivery is the deployment of employer based health and medical facilities.  These facilities are generally designed to be on the employer worksite and facilitate improved access to immediate care but also as conduits for managing chronic conditions as well as wellness initiatives.  There are many examples of employers saving huge amounts of money on their health insurance costs while simultaneously improving employee satisfaction and wellness.