Urgent Care Management

127Sometimes a fresh look can make the difference.  We provide a host of management solutions for clients, including:

  • Managed Care Contracting:  This is one of the most over-looked areas of the business and needs and deserves a critical eye from someone experienced at reviewing agreements and negotiating terms.  We have negotiated thousands of managed agreements and overseen large databases of payor contracts sufficient to qualify as experts.  We can maximize your reimbursement and reduce your exposure for unpaid claims.
  • Interim Management Solutions:  Lost your manager, looking for someone to help out in a pinch.  We have resources to call upon to assist you and bridge your gaps.  Connected to hundreds of experienced an qualified managers, we can assist you while you get your new team in place.
  • On-Going Management Engagements:  We contract to manage on long term engagements. We have found that big and small organizations alike need to have some resources in place while they build their own.  We can do it for you and have the experienced management resources to do it right.
  • Advisory Services:  Sometimes you just need a little advice…we can help.  We have folks on our team in many different specialty areas of the business that we can call upon to provide you with the best possible advice.
  • Outsourcing of Projects:  Sometimes there are projects that just don’t fit into the day grind of the business but are still important to complete.  We provide project management services that we can deploy to make sure that you are in two places at the same time