Urgent Care Market Assessments

0,,15182766_4,00Knowing your market and how you fit into it is one of the most over-looked areas of the healthcare.  Being willing to fight doesn’t mean that you still don’t pick them.  We have provided market intelligence and perspective to some of the nation’s largest healthcare operators relative to their quest to establish urgent care and alternative delivery services.

We have experience navigating large business and advising matters of site selection, competitive intelligence, and market metrics to assist in making wiser decisions in where you chose to invest.

Having witnessed success stories as well as failures we have developed a keen

understanding of what defines a good market and a good location.  We  also provide for market research to survey your own patient population or the general population in cases where you want to improve your position and are interested in what the market thinks about you as well as your competitors.

We find that operators don’t invest enough in this area and that if they did, they would learn more and spend less.  We work with leading market research companies to design, execute and report the results that will assure you that you are on top of the market, including:

Quantitative Research:  Mobile Surveys, On-Line Surveys, Telephone Surveys

Qualitative Research: Data Streams, Focus Groups On-Line, Focus Groups In-Person, Forums, Bulletin Boards, On-Line Communities, Social Media Listening and Social Media Research

We know urgent care and we network with the best research firms in the business.