Urgent Care Valuations

130The urgent care sector is extremely dynamic and there are an increasing number of transaction taking place that include mergers, acquisitions, divestments, re-capitalization and more.

UCAdvisors is often called upon to provide advice and counsel in these matters.  This would include assessing an operation and designing as well as executing plans and strategies to enhance performance and asset value.  Likewise, UCAdvisors is called upon to assist a potential buyer in their assessment of a prospective acquisition project.

We have assisted in the assessment and valuation of many projects and can give you the edge in the negotiations with our insight.

Other services in this arena that we provide include:

  • Operational Assessments:  We have performed entire operationally assessments or those that focus on a particular area of the business. Either way, we have the expertise to assist.
  • Performance Audits: We can review virtually any part of the business and compare it to best practices to assure that you are getting the most out of your investment.
  • Conflict Resolutions:  Sometimes its a good idea to being in a third party to settle a dispute without any slanted view on the matter.  We will be happy to inject an unbiased and professional view into the business to provide opinion and guidance.
  • Patient and Population Market Research:  We work with some of the most experienced and qualified research groups in the United States to design and conduct market research on the general population or on your own patient database.  Seeking and getting input from your market is most often not a priority but it is a critical success factor for any business.